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This is a historic moment in the global fight for equality. Women’s organizations and movements in Canada and around the world are on the frontlines of change - holding the line, demanding equality and driving transformation. The opportunity has never been greater. It’s time we boldly invest in their brave work to build a more equal world together.

The Equality Fund is a groundbreaking collaboration that will deliver new momentum for women’s movements. Powered by The MATCH International Women’s Fund, the Equality Fund will drive the cultural, economic and political changes required to make global gender equality a reality. The time is now for Canada to demonstrate leadership to the world.

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The Equality Fund’s primary focus will be to support women’s rights organizations and feminist movements in Canada and around the world. We will provide financial resources and strengthen organizations working at the grassroots and on the global stage. We will ground our strategies in the priorities identified by organizations and movements leading change in their communities.


Our investment strategy will leverage social finance as a tool to scale and transform systems for gender equality. We will apply a holistic approach to gender-lens investing grounded in best practices, innovative and traditional investment models, and a deep understanding of the many forces that perpetuate inequality across the globe. The Equality Fund will also support capacity building among investees by providing access to best-in-class resources, training, and guidance.


Our ambitious philanthropic strategy will assemble and sustain the world’s largest fund for women and girls. To achieve this goal, we will engage organizations, foundations and philanthropists at every level in Canada (and beyond) to design and build a new shared vision for global gender equality. This is an opportunity for Canadian philanthropy to build a gender equality legacy for Canada and the world.


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The Equality Fund brings together partners with a feminist agenda to build an innovative solution to fund the fight for gender equality around the world.


The Equality Fund collective is a dynamic partnership between leading actors in feminist organizing, global philanthropy and impact investing that is consolidating talent and expertise to design and build the Equality Fund. Partners convene around shared values and priorities to leverage each of their unique strengths, skills and resources to realize our shared vision for gender equality in Canada and around the world.